Chatfuel Alternative

Does anybody know of a chatfuel alternative?

We’re working pretty quickly in our webservice, but some items are slowing down/limiting our development:

  • Reduced set of functionalities (especifically the use of all of the Facebook templates and no native support for other platforms like SMS).
  • Very basic AI–had to switch to and now thinking of moving to
  • No support–we need quick support from them, doesn’t matter if it’s paid.
  • We also want something whitelabel (doesn’t matter if it’s paid) because of the way the industry we work in works–they don’t really like branded solutions.


Manychat or botsify are chatfuel alternatives, but I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for - it sounds like it might just be easier (especially if you have the budget) to pay a developer to build one for you.

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Definitely understand. It’s been very difficult, though to find a developer to help us out with this. Nobody realy has experience with this.
What about FlowXO or

What type of bot do you want to build?

It sounds like you need a wider development capacity in this area. You are with API.AI or WIT on the right track.

Chatfuel is nice to experiment for understanding how to build chatbots without any deeply understanding of coding. I’ve done it, but very soon I noticed how limited it is.

I agree with @brian. it sounds like it might just be easier to work with a developer if you have the budget.

You don’t necessarily need a developer with a lot of experience in bots already, a lot of the basics can be done with Botkit or MS Bot Framework after just a day or two of reading. It may be easier to find a good developer with Node.js experience who is keen to learn to build Bots.

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@jan I want to build a bot for travel (integrated directly with OTAs).

@thenbrent Any developers you might recommend?

Thanks everyone!

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I would give a try. YAML and Python or Node.js with built in support for and they integrate with a ton of other services.


I’d say consider PullString (I also work for them); it’s designed to be a mix of a sophisticated/expressive and easy-to-use tool (and has support for Messenger, Slack, Skype and Microsoft, and voice-based personal assistant platforms). It has AI in the form of a natural language processor, which is designed to get at the intent of what a user types, as opposed to the strict words. Non-branded, and has SMS via Twilio and the botconnector, as well.

Best of luck.

If you want the open source route there is also

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We are working with one of the client in travel space. Look at the demo bot we created for them.

PS: I am the co-founder of MindIQ :slight_smile: If you need more details just let me know.

I’ll add to the chorus of ‘we can do this’ :slight_smile:

Converse AI enables non developers to easily build powerful, flexible chat services, for Facebook, SMS, Slack, Telegram, Layer, Smooch and others


  • Build in NLP
  • Rich Media (Carousels, Buttons, Images etc)
  • Conversation Management
  • Workflow
  • External API Integrations
  • Automated Human Escalation
  • Drag and drop tools for building bots.

If you haven’t tried Converse AI yet, you haven’t actually seen what a bot platform is capable of :slight_smile:

Some demo videos at: as well :wink:


can I suggest this

It’s based on Node-Red, so you design your chat bot visually moving blocks around, but it’s open source and it’s easy to add JavaScript blocks (no limitations of a closed platform).
Next release will also support

It’s still young, any suggestions is apreciated.


Hi everyone!
So many resources to tap into.
We’ll look into each of them and contact you via PM!

Take a look at
Thats a straightforward solution we are working on. Lots improvements yet to come!

Probably does not meet your requirements, but its a good alternative. :slight_smile:

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We are building a chatbot platform for facebook called facebot. We can help you if you are interested. We already have a chatbot in production for a huge drugstore group here in Brazil. If you want, please contact me. I am pretty sure we can help you.


Try out Microsoft Bot Framework. SDK is open source on github and has lot of supports. Plus it integrates with multitude of channels like FB messenger, skype, slack, kik sms etc. You can integrate it with either wit or however Microsoft has LUIS which is quite similar to wit.

Hey @gustavo are facebot on beta? if possible, i would really liked to test.

PT: Estou usando muito o Chatfuel, mas querendo conhecer outras opções. Obgdo!

Olá @nei.fda. Estamos em construção da nossa plataforma mas com um cliente já em produção. Trata-se da rede de farmácias Panvel aqui no sul. Você pode testar o nosso bot na página deles. Nós estamos focados em integração e personalização de bots. Diferente da chatfuel que é mais plug and play. Nosso foco é empresarial. Se quiseres entrar em contato meu email é

Att. Gustavo Silveira

oi Gustavo, fui na página da Panvel mas não achei o bot. Pode mandar um link direto ? abs Carlos