Chatbots in a developing country?

How would you sell people on the idea of using a chatbot in a country where social media usage is high, but the knowledge of the existence of chatbots is laregly scarce?

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Ho, I am in the same situation, I live in Romania and people are fairly behind when it comes to tech, I am therefore making bots for businesses that everyone uses and also for small business owners who are popular with people in general. Spreading the fact that it’s a free to use service really goes down well with people.

Charging business clients is done differently. I make the bot for a small fee and charge them per order\transaction.

I hope that helps


I doubt if that would be a problem. If the population is in messaging apps and they know the taste of how a virual assistant works like Siri and Google assistant of Allo. This shouldn’t be a problem.

I belong to Pakistan as well and we are developing chatbots here.

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the additional pointer in regards to your business model.

How about stressing the fact that using chatbots saves a lot of bandwidth compared to an app?

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Great :)…never thought of that.

Woah. Nice! Thanks for the tips guys. I’m from the philippines and I’m planning to develop chatbots for small to medium business here.


Hi guys,

I think is most related to how to sell this kind of ideas. If you tell someone to use a ‘profile’ to order your breakfast, that’s pretty cool. I think the problem is convince the restaurant to use the bot and how to get revenue from this.

I live in Mexico, and some restaurants have bots, but we don’t have a boom of this technology yet (which is fine because I would like to be the creator of something cool :wink: ).

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Same problem down here on Argentina

We tested out our chat interface in Colombia before going live in the US market. A couple advantages I have found for Latin America is that Facebook groups are such a large resource for everything from a job to a used couch, so building a chatbot that has a FB messenger interface makes it much easier to convert users from these large FB groups to a bot than trying to drive them to an app externally.

Furthermore, not needing an app rules out the problem that many potential users have ageing technology and thus are often not up to date on their operating system, which can a problem with apps. The only problem is in Latin America that people love Whatsapp and currently they do not offer a bot platform, that would be huge for market adoption here is they did.

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Same problem here in Brazil. 99% of people uses Whatsapp.
But talking about technology, I think the brazilians aren’t mature enough, probably because there wasn’t any “killer bot” that drive them to understand this new “interface”

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hi @grobelr have you checked this out ?

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Hi Maxi! I heard about Fred and I had the same problem with WhatsApp.
I lost some sleepy nights to get the bots workin on WhatsApp, so I give up before get crazy. :grinning: