Chatbots forbiden in conjunction with the Amazon Associate program

Hi there.
I recently tried to register to the Amazon Associate program for a chatbot but it happened to be against their Operating Agreement to allow chatbots. I first thought it was a misunderstanding and tried again with more details but the response was pretty clear: As previously explained, It is against our Operating Agreement to use any third party programs, such as chat bots, in conjunction with the Amazon Associate program. There is no further insight or action that we can provide regarding this matter.
Has anyone encountered the same type of feedback from Amazon? The links available from bots are pretty much the same as the links you can have on an website, then what would be the rationale behind this refusal…

How does this work exactly? So if it did let you sign up it you’d show ads in your chatbot? A lot of messaging apps are against showing that on their platform anyways… But yeah good to know this is a no go for bot integration.

Hi Joseph. Not about ads. If you just check this Facebook Messenger bot for example (just a use case example, not my bot): Shelfjoy bot (
It pushes nice curated lists of books depending on your interests. When you want to buy you are redirected to Amazon.

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Here are the terms of the Amazon Associate program:

Note, there is not a single mention of bots, chat bots, or the unsuitability of sending users links via a bot platform.

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