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Chatbots en español?

All of the chatbots I’ve seen here so far are in English.

What about chatbots in Spanish, the third language of the Internet?

Fact: According to Spanish speakers represent 8% of the total internet users, with over 290M people out of which 243M are on Facebook (and can chat!!).

¿Necesitas ejemplos en español?

Podes probar estos

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I support this (not so little) minority!

Me sumo al grupo de habla hispana, también oriundo de Buenos Aires como mi tocayo @maxi. Gracias por compartir los ejemplos!

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a mi me gustaría ver proveedores de chatbot tipo pero en castellano…

Hey Cristina

Great post! I believe @rzurita has been working on some chatbots in spanish.

One of the challenges is the support and understanding of languages, why not give it a try to create one? IBM Watson conversation is trained on over 10 languages with Spanish supported out of the box. BlueMix provides a 30 day sign up trial where you can explore!