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Chatbot financial services briefing event in London

Hi all,

If you happen to be based in London and would be interested in networking with some some others in the space then I have an event for you. We’re briefing a bunch of people from the FS industry who may be new to Chatbots, some of what we talk about might be a bit basic for some of you but you’re still welcome.

When: Feb 22nd
Where: London Oracle office (see link for more details)
How much: FREE (+ pizza)

If you do register, can you add “invite from Vik” in the company name after your actual company name.

Hey Vick thanks for the heads up! I had already registered and I am bringing a few colleges and clients too. I am also hosting a drinks at TechStars (FinServ incubator) after the event (it was total coincidence). I’ve invited the speaker too. If you want to come along to that after the event email me at That goes for anyone else from Chatbot News. I just need to know numbers
Thanks Javier

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Hi Javier

No problem bringing them, in case they haven’t registered it would be a good idea to do that so we know how much pizza to order! We’re also planning some drinks afterwards but happy to come along to yours, it’s probably not far from where we’ll be.


Hi Vik they have already registered.
Can you email me so we have a convo offline?


I’ve registered but forgot to add your name Vik, hopefully there is a space left for me :slight_smile:

Javi: Would be great to come afterwards as well if you can fit me in.

Hi Tony,

You should get a confirmation email today, there’s a few people registered from Oracle so if space does get tight we’ll kick them out to a different room :smiley: I’ll be easy to spot, I’ll be up front with the live demo - what could possibly go wrong! :wink:

No prob Tony. Your on the list :slight_smile:

Thank you to those that came, the event was a great hit and heading off to Javi’s event was pretty cool too. Tony I missed you but I heard you had to head on up to Scotland last night, hopefully you beat the storm!

Vik the Oracle event was great. Thanks for you and Bob coming over. We are hoping to work with Oracle soon

Yeah, my apologies, had to dash for a train, appreciate the invite though :slight_smile: