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Chatboat Developer-Humanization

Analytics Staffing Solutions is looking for an experienced chatbot developers for a client in New York city. You will be a part of an artificial intelligence team working on intelligent virtual agents. You will participate in developing different algorithms to humanize our virtual agent, including understanding user’s experience with the virtual agent, and expressing the agent’s understandings. We use Java as our main programming language, so excellent Java and software engineering skills are required. Projects include Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). So, good understanding of NLP and ML is required as well. You may need to use Python in some machine learning projects, so basic Python knowledge and some experience is a plus.

First and foremost we need great code and great coders. A great coder should be able to learn a new framework quickly, so experience with each of the items below just helps us understand your experience, but each is desirable
Java Spring, Guava, JDBC, Tomcat, JUnit
Affective Computing Experience is a must
Development tools such as Maven, Jenkins, Ant, Eclipse
Comfortable on Apple or Linux OSes
Strong problem solving and algorithm design skills
Natural Language Processing (NLP) knowledge and experience is required
Machine Learning (ML) experience is required
Python experience is a plus

Resumes can be send to