Can you replace a deck(presentation) with a chatbot?

Hey guys,

I have been experimenting with different use cases of chatbots and recently thought if we could convey a company or product story over a chatbot. And how we do this currently is by creating a deck.

So I turned the original AirBnB deck into a bot and here is what it looks like -

Would love to have your feedback!

@ish Love it! I’m currently in business school and the trend in presentations here is to use few words and some Gif like images/memes to drive home a point. This makes it perfect to switch to a Chatbot as short text and images are central to the chat experience.

In addition, Chatbots are a great way to engage people: giving them the ability to participate through responses and an in-built in excitement (anticipation) to see what the other side is going to type.

Awesome! Glad you like it :slight_smile:

It makes much more sense when you are not doing in-person presentation and would be sending across the deck over email to the other guy.

Would you like to test out something like this in your next presentation? Let me know and I can help.

True! Thanks so much for offering to help :slight_smile: I’ll definitely hit you up for my next presentation. I wonder how it will be in an in person presentation and what advantages does it offer besides the novelty. Will test it out!

Not really sure if this would make perfect sense for in-person presentations. Might not be the best way.