Can HTML5 prematurelly end gaming bots?

Hey guys,

When I first came across with bots, I thought "hey, we can make games out of it’. Then telegram came with a lot of them, some real nice ones, a Poker bot that actually let’s you spend money. I quickly though “that’s the future, chat bots for games”

Then Telegram added the HTML5 games there, and again I thought “damn that’d be awesome” but we know it’s hard to escalate only with Telegram.

Now with Facebook anouncing it’s tests for HTML5 games on messenger, I feel that the chatbot platform for games is probably not going to gain traction once the HTML5 games are there.

How do you guys feel about this? Do you believe there’s market for both?

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I have been thinking a lot about this as well… I think they can live side by side. Well, actually, honestly… Hm, I really don’t know. Even though Telegram has released support for HTML5 games it hasn’t really taken off it seems and the chatbot games still seem to dominate. The same could happen with Facebook Messenger, but we won’t really know till it comes out.

All we can do is wait and see! I am working on my own chatbot game right now and still think it has a chance. Personally I like chatbot games as they are easier to jump in and out of then a graphic heavy one.

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Hey Joseph, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I think they can live side by side as well, but audiences might not be the same perhaps. The reason I think HTML5 on Telegram hasn’t taken off is because nobody created an HTML5 game to go into telegram with their standards yet. I’m a business person not a dev, so I’m not really sure about what I just said, but we should wait and see.

Looking forward to see your game when it’s done. I’m also doing a chatbot game for messenger and telegram, will share it after it’s done =)


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Awesome! I think you are right @igenovesi the audience may just be different. Another thing I like about “native” chatbot games is they can take full advantage of the chat platforms features in a very clean way. Unlike a HTML5 game where you’d be able to call stuff from the game but you’d have the user bouncing back and forth between the game and the chat app.

To some extent I would say maybe that the HTML5 game could supplement the actual chat bot game. like be a mini game inside of the chat bot game. “Survive in the endless runner for 1 minute to unlock 3 more coins!” or something like that.

We need new experiences, if players want that kind of game there is an app store, the only type of game you could possibly experience that would be quick enough to load would have to be very minimal in it’s feature set so it could load fast.

Anyways, I am beginning to ramble! Hahaha, looking forward to seeing your game! Do you have a website for it yet? Here is link to mine

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Nice idea to mix chatbot with HTML5 ‘challenges’, an idea to keep an eye for the future. About my bot I don’t have a website for it yet. We are actually creating an APP and the Chatbot should be the pre-app experience (or if the user does not want the app they can just play with the bot).

I’ll be abe to share it with the community in around a week or too, stay tuned bro. About your bot: Looks VERY INTERESTING not to say very complex in terms of what it could evolve too, now I am really looking forward to see it.


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