Can chatbots make websites?

Being in the agency that develops chatbots, I test whole loads of them for my own knowledge and learning. Last month got my hands on a Startup that claims to build a website via a chatbot. Here’s a review that I posted on our beloved Chatbots Magazine. Feel free to test it on your own and let me know the feedback on my review.

You can test it at:


Hm, this is a clever idea, but just feels like SquareSpace with a bot to help you do shortcuts… It’s a neat I guess, but id probably just stick with Square Space. Totally want to see more innovations with bots though! Love how out of the box these guys are thinking :slight_smile:

Hi there! Read your piece on Medium - very “journalist” feel to it. Ever think about pitching something like that to Wired or similar media?

Hello Sam,
I already write for VentureBeat and Medium. Not sure of Wired accepts guest
authors. Do you know any editor there?

Oops! I think I may have communicated the wrong thing here. My apology.

When I said the word “pitch”, this is a kind of marketing where an author contacts a publisher and says “hey, I can/did write about this topic X” and the media potentially says “okay, we’ll pay you money to publish it.”

Do I know any editors at Wired? Nope. Nor at TechCrunch, Ars Technica, Engadget, or the dozens of other tech/silicon valley media (not to mention general interest pubs like Salon, Vox, Vice, etc). BUT… and this is the important part - BUT it’s clear that bots are a “game changer”. They’re something new. They need to be explained to the general public. Someone needs to write about them, keep track of the new/good ones, etc.

Since YOU are already writing about the topic, I thought you might be interested in pitching this idea (the idea = hi there Publication, hire/pay me to write about bots for you). Could be some seriously good money in it!

Think about Bitcoin. Five years ago, nobody ever heard of it. Now there are people who are experts on it, who write about it, who go on TV to talk about it, etc. Trying to be the new (journalist/writer) expert on Bitcoin now would be almost impossible.

Make more sense than my last message?

Check Thegrid first of all, they are not chatbot but they are first AI that does it.

@omyhaylovych Yes, I did have a look at it but the negative reviews over the internet were such a turn-off!

@s.ursu - Got it. Got your point. I havent tried contacting such publications but yes I do write on VentureBeat BotBeat section but they dont pay me sadly. Can you help me out in anyway possible? I’ll be glad to make this hobby my profession.

@hirasaeed freelance writing is a tough industry to break into - all I can recommend is that you do a LOT of research. There is no one, easy, guaranteed path to making a living as a writer BUT I can say this: someone will do it, so why not you? :slight_smile:

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