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Bots in the Travel Industry

Hey all,
What are some of the most interesting bots active in the travel industry?

We’re a European chatbot company and created a train time finder and ticket purchase bot Currently works in Estonia only (you can try to enter: tallinn tartu). The use case is simple and the weekly active user numbers are promising

Hipmunk’s bot. Also .

A few more great travel bots for Messenger:

We have made one for Pickyourtrail :

It gives you a personalised itinerary(in the end of the chat) based on your responses during the chat.

We have made Claire, a virtual employee powered by A.I. that helps small and medium - sized businesses manage, control and automate their corporate travel. You can request a 10 minutes demo now with Felicia Schneiderhan, one of the founders of Claire.

Claire interfaces both, with management and their frequent travelers on all major platforms such as Facebook, Slack, Skype and via text. Claire books business trips within seconds. She knows the team’s travel policy as well as their preferences. Claire provides personal assistance 24/7 and solves any problem during the journey. On an organizational level, Claire provides real-time insights into travel analytics and helps management to reduce travel expenses systematically.

Claire has been covered by mainstream Tech & Business media, such as Inc., The Huffington Post, and so on.

If you’re looking for an ultimate list of travel bots, our writers have tapped the industry trends and major travel bots players to date. You can visit here:

Hey Cristina,

How can I request that? I’d be really interested to see what it does :slight_smile:


Hey Stefan,

Thank you for your response. You can simply go to the Product page on our website (, and scroll down to the last section “Request a 10-minute demo now”. You can schedule the time and date from various time-zones that most convenient to you. And you’re great to have a chat with Felicia. :slight_smile:


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Yup, did that, thanks!

Hi all,

I am the founder of a Facebook Messenger chatbot, especially for hotels. GuestBot helps hotels serve their guests better.

It acts as a multilingual virtual reception desk that provides front desk services, suggests local places to visit, helps guests book tickets and hotel services and answers their most common questions.

Give it a try and tell me what you think at dtsirikos [at] . I really appreciate feedback - especially the bad points we have. (Note: imagine you are a guest of the GuestBot Hotel in Paris)
Try here:

Love the bot, you could even print the FB Messenger Code and stick it in the rooms in the hotel to invite people to engage with your bot.

The only thing’s I’d change would be:

  • to add some images, maybe of the rooms or the roof top.
  • remove the dead ends - e.g. Hotel Amenities > GB Roof Bar. The info is displayed, but then the user is not prompted to do anything else.

We found when developing our bot, that it’s helpful for the user after they’ve been displayed some info on XYZ we prompt “And can I help with anything else Yes/No” Then clicking No says “cool, goodbye” where as clicking Yes displays the help menu.

hope that helps.

Hi Paul, thanks for giving it a try!

I’ll fix the dead ends and certainly your idea of “can I help with anything else” is great. Will implement this asap.




We are Tokyo-based AI and data startup Bespoke Inc.

Our product may be a little similar to @dtsirikos
We both aim to serve our guests better.
Our chatbot Bebot is Japan’s first hotel AI chatbot concierge and can also recommend things to do, restaurants to try or give simple directions. However, we may differ in our communication approach - ours integrates natural language processing.

For those interested, here’s our latest press release:

We’d love to hear what the fantastic Chatbots News community has to say about Bebot. We especially wonder about the signup process.

Please try it out here:
The token is: from edge

Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

Hi @bebot,

congrats for your bot! I’m really glad to see more people offering chatbot services to hotels.

For the record, we are also using NLP, however I noticed that by disabling user input on mobile and forcing users to navigate via the menu, they could find more easily what they wanted to do. You see this way the user does not have to figure what the bot understands, she just sees the available options and picks the one that’s right for her; it’s faster this way.

I admit that this is just a “patch” until NLP can successfully understand more than 90% of what the user needs. Then I’ll enable user input again. Up to now I have tried almost all available solutions and I find that, IBM Watson and our own in-house pattern matching solution are the ones that perform better. Which one are you currently using?

Kind regards,