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(hejjahajnalka) #41

Hi Mike, We try to do sg like this in Germany. I would love to learn more about your work!
We do a period tracking chatbot: @izzyperiod on FB.
Please: reach me out here:

(Carl) #42

I would enjoy being part of a continuing discussion about bots in healthcare as well. It’s a fascinating subject. I work for one of the biggest EMR companies in the patient engagement space. Most of it is appallingly bad - poor UX, limited interaction. I’d love to help get them and our clients on a better patient-focused track by moving interactions to chatbots as a first line engagement system.

Can we continue to talk here in a thread or use a mailing list or similar?

(kormilitzin) #43

Amazing! Thanks for posting

(kormilitzin) #44

What kind of chronic conditions are you monitoring? Do you have some ML/statistical analysis/predictive analytics involved?

(kormilitzin) #45

Welcome ! In my research (academic), I am facing similar problems as you mentioned and we are currently trying to solve some of them (but very slowly). It is extremely difficult to bring digital innovation to healthcare. I am more than happy yo discuss relevant topics, and I think we can continue in this thread.

(mikapps) #46

Hi Andrey. In terms of chronic conditions: diabetes, hypertension, and
osteo-muscular pain. We ask specific questions about symptoms and
behaviors. We also are now starting to do some basic natural language
classification. Using statistical analysis and things like that is a bit
too “detailed” for the purposes of all or clients…

(christine.grove) #47

Hi Andrey,
I am in a very similar position we’re looking at developing a chatbot for high school students who may need support with wellbeing & ways to cope.

It’s a very tricky combining school support, education, technology and healthcare a small well.

Naming our chatbot is tough as we need to be personal but not too personal. Also have a unique personality

Any tips will help!

(Cristina Santamarina) #48

We should talk! I’m usually in Spain too and work on
I have experience in public health and vector borne diseases (did some HAT work in DRC) and that sounded interesting.

(Cristina Santamarina) #49

Hey Carl sounds interesting. I believe the conversational approach could also improve how EMR is currently done, specially in a low tech literacy context. I’d love to keep the discussion going - my email is

(Ivana Karalieva) #50

Hey Andrey,

We launched the Letz Chabot 3 months ago, it is an AI-powered Chat bot that strives to boost user`s productivity. We are exploring new ways of using our proprietary technology to improve various aspects of healthcare.

For example, Letz focuses on the psychological aspect of being productive, but it also could be made to support and improve the doctor - patient relationship. We can do this in a way that we will provide a personal welfare assistant that will take care of you and your therapies. This may include taking care of your pill schedule, your exercises or treatments.

This can also help from the side of the doctors in a way that they can get a more detailed image of their patients’ habits and medical history. It can also serve as a much more personal and private method of talking about symptoms and conditions away from the sterile environment of an office.

I would love to hear what you guys think about this and how it can be used and perfected. Check out our landing page and let us know what you think.

(kormilitzin) #51

Hi Ivana,

That sounds fantastic! Can you introduce new features, like prompting people to reply on self-report Health Questionnaire (for example Quality of Life

Could it be integrated into other platforms (facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc) to collect data for a particular person from diverse sources?

(kormilitzin) #52

Hi Christine, I’m afraid I can’t help with naming, simply because I’n note very creative in the field of UX (we work with behavioural physiologists, and they help us in this). We are also facing similar problems, how to integrate various sources of information into a unified platform. It’s super tricky (and our progress is quite slow).

(Ivana Karalieva) #53

Hi Andrey,

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Sure we can, I will look at the Questionnaire more deeply and send you more concrete feedback for that.

As for the other platforms, it is already implemented and collecting data for the particular person is available.
Please let me know if you need more info.


(Alexandru) #54

Hi Andrey,

I’m currently working on a research study at the University of Waterloo merging Kinesiology with Computer Science.
We’re measuring behavioural change in fitness activity levels, in particular the reduction of sedentary phases through social engagement and scheduling. (TL;DR alerts and someone kicking your butt to get moving be more active throughout the entire day) At the moment we’re collecting basic fitness related information through HealthKit and GoogleFit, visualize it through simple dashboard and provide users the ability to set goals which are locked in for a week. I implemented a basic chat with the perception of anonymity. Every ‘participant’ is asked to coach another participant from a different group to help them reaching their goal. We’re exploring a couple of systems (,, ) to deal with NLP. I’m creating some fallbacks that will turn the bot off and switch the conversation to an actual human who is part of the study group to take over the conversation on the fly with a notice of the participant. So far recast has been pretty good, especially their node.js integration which is the heart of the bot.

Would love to learn more about thoughts within the research and health space!!

(christine.grove) #55

Hi Andrey yes it is so tricky we have a team of clinical psychologists who help but for us it is also a slow process! It will probably take a few years to get the bot in schools Etc. We’re still in pre-planning phase. Good luck with yours!

(christine.grove) #56

Hi Cristina, How did your meeting go? I hope your chatbot was well received and they took it on board!