- A job board for the bot industry

Hi! I have developed a job board for the bot industry… probably won’t be any big - but it’s there for everyone to use :robot: ->

If you are a developer you can create an account and submit your resume here: - At your dashboard you can set up job alerts, you can bookmark potential jobs, see your applications etc. You apply to jobs or projects by searching in

More candidates in the database equals more job posts … and hopefully there will be jobs for everyone in the future! :sunglasses:

Companies & Job / project posting:

At this moment there are not many job posts available but I hope with more candidates the job posts will come as well. … so if you are a company (or a person searching for a bot expert) you can sign up at by choosing “employer” and after you have signed up you can choose Add a job in the menu. A limited 10USD offer for job posts is activated.

In the future I will add more features, like project bidding, private messaging etc.

PS! You can not view the candidates full name or contact information without an package, that means that you need to sign up as a company in order to view the candidates in the database. Fair enough? :smiley:

Let me know what you guys think! If you come across any bugs and stuff like that, please let me know here or at :pray:t2:

/ E

Don’t forget to add to under their jobs category.

This is cool! How do you plan to increase traffic to the site?

Hi Matt! Thanks! This is a MVP more or less, I have other functions that I can add instant if people want it. But at the moment I am concentrating on creating a supereasy way of 1) posting jobs / projects and 2) posting resumes.

For the traffic, well - thats the hard part :smiley: Like with most things on the interweb! I am approaching everyone to be placed on the site personally, both companies and candidates. I believe that is the correct way of building up a genuine product, that might not kick off super traffic instant but hopefully the “word” will start go around.

There are several things I am thinking about at the moment, like - should the candidates be 100% hidden, or like now - only first name visible. Would it be more exclusive to be a part of the database if it was hidden? Stuff like that :slight_smile:

Hi! Yes, I did, thanks :slight_smile:

Also Matt, I`d like to hear feedback from yourself and maybe you got some additional addons you would have added yourself.