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BotCast 1.0 -The Foundation Series on Chatbots in Healthcare, Education,Business & ART is Up & Running. I thank the community members & speakers for their valuable contribution

Grace your precious earbuds with these insightful episodes. Full of myriad equations, wonderful emotions and of-course useful information.> [Revolutionary & Evolutionary Chatbots in Healthcare,Education,Business,Art &Entertainment]

Next >> Legal, Fintech, Analytics,Bot Data Management.Do share your interesting ideas & feedback.

Interested speakers, producers, bot makers may join the facebook group

*Episodes on Soundcloud, Sticher & iTunes.For updates & details join VachSoch on Twitter or Facebook!

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Awesome! The first link is broken though :slight_smile: Will take a listen to this!

Thanks Joseph for the info.Will try to resolve. Here is the direct soundcloud link

Way to Tune In

Hope this helps.

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on soundcloud you can make your profile url name more friendly then :slight_smile: may want to do that instead of using search.

Thanks fr the suggestion. I have already tried this several times, but Soundcloud is not accepting the custom URL that suits me…so…

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Remove the dash? VachSochBotCast? Either way, thanks for trying! :slight_smile: