Bot developers from India

There seems to be lots of traction in US and other countries, but this doesn’t seems to be state in India. Creating this thread to connect bot developers from India and to understand current state of bot development in India.

Developers please links to your bots specific to India.

Topics of interests:

  1. Hindi and regional languages support in bot.
  2. Indian industry and market focus e.g. Restaurants, Educational, etc,
  3. Tech stack,
  4. Any pointers of early bot adoption.,
  5. Best Indian bot you have found so far.
  6. Anything else related to Indian bot scene.

We built a facebook bot for PM Modi recently. This might be of interest to you: We are also building bots for banks and ecommerce companies. We are a 250 people strong technology services company and our developers can build bots for Facebook, Slack and Telegram.