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Best platform to build a bot that collects information from user

Hi everyone,

I am trying built a Facebook bot to collect information from users. They might be simple text based answers or audio/video messages. What is the best/easiest platform for collecting data from all conversations and transfer to DB or other applications.

Which building platforms allow having audio/video reply from users?

Thank you everyone for helping.

Well first of all you may want to look into the Facebook terms of service to see if collecting user data and storing it in your system is allowed. If okay you may want to make this clear to the user or you could get in some trouble.

After all that figured out what you are asking to do is not that difficult. Just use some storage system like Amazon S3 or Dreamhost DreamObjects. Their are many other storage solutions. As for showing replays you could use FB Messenger api to just send the video back.

User will be filling application form so it will be very clear for the user. But i will review Facebook Terms of Service again, thank you for reminding.

But my actual question is with which method we can manage outputs easily. For example do we need a custom solution or is there any bot building platforms that helps to handle this ?

I guess I am a bit confused on what exactly you want. You want the ability for the user to pass in video, audio and capture it? Instead of just capturing text? And you want to know if there are any existing platforms that capture this type of media?

Sadly I don’t have the answer as I have not tried all of the bot building platforms out there to see. That would seem like something you’d need to build a custom solution for since you’d need to direct it to your database.

@berkaytutal Facebook Messenger allows you to capture Attachments from users, instead of text. You’d need to have a custom solution that does work on this attachment (saves to db, processes the audio, etc). But the capabilities are definitely there.