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Best on-website chat platform for bots?

Hey, we’re building customer service chatbots that are deployed on customers’ websites and in their mobile apps. Using Intercom for the chat interface but its has its drawbacks. Anyone come across other chat platforms that can handle chatbots (an API; preferably ability to add in-chat video/picture aside from just text) and be integrated on websites?


Great stuff!

What do you use for NLP? or something else?

We built our own NLP platform as it is more flexible and more accurate to suit our needs.

Hi Indrek!

We have actually built live chat platform with API for bots ticking all the boxes. Check it out (apologies for self-promoting). Also, it would seem that we both are based in Helsinki. If it’s okay for you, I’ll message you and let’s discuss more!


One of our main use cases is customer support:

I could check with our engineering team to see what platforms other than intercom they use to integrate it and get back at you!

Moi Ilkka, good to hear. I was in touch with Lauri at Giosg a few weeks ago for deploying our AI NLP engine to power some of the bots on your platform for high accuracy. He is looking into it.

Cool, if there are any platforms out there would be good to know.

Great to hear Indrek! Lauri is the best person to familiarise you with giosg. Best of luck with your business!

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Hey indrek, a great powerful open source platform we use at IBM Watson is botmaster.

This was created by my colleague and was given away for free! It enterprise scalable and has fantastic support for near any channel you can think of.

There is a slack channel we use to communicate updates and share knowledge etc.

Hope this helps!

@reece.medway thanks! took a look, though i understand that is more of a tool where you write the bot once and deploy to other predefined channels. so it acts much like other bot tools. we have such tools in-house already. what i was looking for is a webchat platform (like intercom) to which we can deploy our bots. so instead on deploying to messenger we would be deploying to a certain webchat platform that accepts bots and which can be deployed to any website.

ahh gotcha! Botmaster can be developed with a web front end using the protocol and is the underlying architecture behind.This is not something i’ve experienced yet, however we do work closely with third party website chat services such as Liveperson for which examples like

Have recently launched, maybe exploring that route may be a way? Alternatively if its something like a widget you are after the closest I have seen (without intending bias here) is IBM Virtual Agent which provides a web widget that can be embedded anywhere, however this is more of an end to end “off the shelf” where do I plugin kind of deal.

Hi Illkka, how would you characterize the differences between the chatbot that you have implmented versus an expert system?

Hi Henry,

Thanks for the question. For now, our implementations have been focused on chatbots which can learn and evolve in customer service environment. So bots powered with an AI. Based on my experience, once those bots have enough data they’ll dominate over rule-based systems. (That being said, there are cases simple where if-this-then-that might work best.) Also, chatbots are a great assistance for human chat agents in form of smart layer.