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Best-of-breed Charbots + Payment?

(mivil) #1

Hi everyone,

For research purpose, I’m looking for the best examples of chatbots capable of processing microtransactions. Any platforms. Any payment api.


(Joseph Burchett) #2

On Facebook Messenger it is forbidden to have microtransaction or any form of third party payments. scroll down to “Offers and Payments”. This makes it almost impossible to monetize games or any thing using micro-transactions. Although it does seem they have lifted the ban on showing ads, but even that may still be iffy right now…

There are bots dealing with ecommerce and related but they do direct payments for a real product.

Kik does not allow ads directly in their chatbots but they don’t seem to mind if it’s in a web game via their browser. They are not okay with microtransactions either but they do have their own internal currency called “Kik Points”. uses them. It’s not a public thing you’d have to talk with them directly.

Telegram doesn’t really seem to care about having third party payment systems used like and many others. Ads also seem to be okay. is a game that uses a third party system.

As for all the other services, I am not completely sure may be worth looking at the terms of services.