Are you using an admin tool to read/manage conversations?

Currently I am using Facebook’s Pages Admin tool as the admin interface to the conversations my bot is having with users. I’m using it for things like Search, QA, and potentially jumping in conversations with a human at critical points in the conversation (coming soon). In short, Facebook’s tool sucks. It’s slow, buggy, laggy, inaccurate, etc.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues with Facebook Pages Admin tool? Are you using another tool as your admin interface? Trying to see what, if anything, is out there before I try to build my own tool.


i had a very unreal experience with fb messenger bot…i gt just from the second line …it is not a human that side…go for your own…let me know if you test it some time…

Ended up building my own simple admin tool for GrowthBot. One benefit is that it works across the platforms that the bot itself works on (Slack, Facebook Messenger, SMS, email and soon web).


We developed a great solution the works across all platforms and lets you do all the things you mentioned (perform advanced searches, jump into conversations and a lot of other cool stuff)
Ping me for an invitation:
@dshah @namratanagar @danny


where is the demo happening online?

Hi @namratanagar, we are open to invitees only - PM me if you want an invite :slight_smile:

@efrat emailed you but haven’t heard back yet. Just sent a PM as well. As you can see, I’m desperate for a solution here! :slight_smile:

@danny just PMed you with all the details :slight_smile:

1 Like alerts you when your bot (Messenger Bot, Slack Bot) is having trouble communicating with users and then let’s you either take over live for your bot, or view the entire transcript of the conversation to see problems you can fix in your conversational UX

Ended up building our own Analytics, FAQ Management and Fallout Dashboard.

Hint: Built this with React+Meteor + ReactBootstrap …

Worth mentioning that we are planning to have our own internal bot deliver stats and analytics to us, etc… however this is a Customer facing dashboard …

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developed our own after triyng to use Pages Manager

Hi Shoukri!
I’d love your advice on FAQ management for an airport client of ours. Could we hop on a call to discuss this?