Anyone up for sharing your Sincere Stats?

Hi! Anyone up to sharing sincere stats?
Interested in knowing your real number of users (excluding friends and family), if they’re users or other chatbot developers, where they’re from…

I published mines here - and would love to hear about yours :slight_smile:

Released my bot into the wild on October 7, 2016.

As of today, a total of 2,228 users have chatted with the bot. I don’t have a breakdown on gender or anything else. Here’s the engagement stats:

Day 1 - 8.5%
Day 2 - 2.4%
Day 3 - 1.2%
Day 4 - 1.4%
Day 5 - 1.5%
Day 6 - 1.5%
Day 7 - 3.2%

The bot is a Choose Your Own Adventure style game. You can find it here:

I didn’t pay for any advertising, so those numbers are all organic. For some reason, it’s getting a TON of users from the Philippines, no idea why :smile:

Hey Sam, thanks for sharing!
How/where did you promote your chatbot? Is that mostly shares from Friends and Family or did you do any outreach or PR?

I shared my bot with maybe 20 people whom I actually know. From there, it took off like a house on fire. In fact, I’m up to over 5,500 users in 30 days. My best guess is that someone using Messenger went looking for a friend with the name Rogelio (the name of my bot) and landed on my game/story and then told their friends about it.

Just a guess though! Last time I looked at the stats, I was seeing a lot of kids (which is good, as that was kind of the target audience) in Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and other places in SE Asia where English is widespread.

That’s awesome! I moved Eva to our facebook page so I guess I wont hit the luck of having
someone look for a friend called Eva and make us viral ;).

After our translation to English I’ve seen a peak in users - and funny
enough I also see more in Asia and SE Asia. I was reading an article the
other day that said chatbots are a lot more normal there than in i.e.
European countries.

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