Anyone played around with

I’m wondering if anyone has gotten a chance to build a chatbot using It announced its integration with Smooch last week and I’ve been playing around with it since.

My initial read is that its non-tech approach to bot-building makes for a cool, relatively unique interface, but also limits some of its capabilities. However, would love to hear others’ opinions if they’ve tried it out.

Here’s a GIF of their “flowchart” style to bot-building, btw:


This is the approach we took with our platform as well ( Everything is flowchart style, which allows editorial folks to build conversations really easily. :slight_smile:

Here’s a screenshot it’s like you say flowchart style and very simple to use and deploy bots. (don’t mind my debugging window in the shot, normal users don’t see that box)


What did u guys build that in? Was thinking of extending twine but that may be more work then it’s worth.

Motion is awesome flexible and intuitive.
Downside is things like cards or imgs are not picked up by smooch. Which s…

Hey mike

On a mobile – edge6 chrome - the menu btn dashboard returns a 403?

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Oh yeah good catch, the redirect to login doesn’t appear to be working on mobile.

I have created Sonya with them and I’m happy with their service (including customer service). There are some things I’m missing (like enable my users to get notifications), but overall they are great. Recommended. Here is Sonya:

I like my motion a lot. And I see a great future for it.
Itbseimple tonset up and integrate cards and img. But also btns and email. Love the css freedom you have as well…

Built one - both in test - using Smooch and one as a webbased bot.

I have so far found all the platforms (,, MS Bot Platform, etc) to be extremely limited, as are frameworks like

It’s easy to string some yes/no questions together in a very rigid workflow. But I want to have conversation flows but also goals within the bot. Like: ask the patient if they have a therapist, ask about sleep and exercise occasionally, ask about any major life events, etc. But not a regular basis, as part of a conversation.

For example: every day my bot texts a user asking for a numerical assessment of their mood. Once a week it sends a link to a dashboard on the web.

I want the bot to also find out, over time, if they see a therapist (then name+phone number) and other personal data, but not badger the user at signup. I want it to be a gradual thing where occasionally a “goal” workflow is run which pursues some specific workflow. The workflow may complete successfully. Or it may not complete, say if the user does not have (or doesn’t want to share) who their therapist is - in which case the goal silences itself for 6 months.

I haven’t seen a platform yet that makes it easy to:

  1. Send a scheduled message to users
  2. Wait some period for response to scheduled message
  3. Have goals which get pursued semi-randomly over time and with different urgency.

I’ve built this on my own and maybe I’ll have to just open source it myself. But I don’t want to maintain my own framework forever - I want to offload as much “infrastructure” as possible.

Been working with them for a couple of bots, their platform is pretty good and their customer service (via Slack) is amazing.

Also, having white label solutions (vs Chatfuel, for example) make it an excellent choice to do quick prototypes, mockups or even fully featured interaction-based bots.

The AI is a little rough, but I’m sure they will keep improving it.