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Anyone have any great experiences with using a platform to publish/translate a chat bot on multiple platforms?

I can see the appeal, but my guess is that today all the different SDKs are too different and evolving too fast, and we’re better off building a great native experience.

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we did a lot of research on this to see if we could cut some corners. on paper, gupshup looks like the best, but it is pretty new (Gupshup has been around for a while, but I believe they pivoted to a bot publishing platform) and we had some issues with bugs/deploying so ultimately decided to build in Node.JS and deploy natively on each platform.

Well there are a flood of different companies popping up to help make it easier to spread across multiple platforms, do you have a lot of developer expertise? If so id honestly just build it out yourself. It’s really not that hard. You can integrating into Kik, Telegram and Facebook Messenger with in a few hours. Brian mentioned Node.js, that is what we are using! That has made it very easy to get our stuff on everything.

This is something the Microsoft bot framework offers, it doesn’t play with Facebook messenger yet or several other platforms so may not be suitable.

Gupshup has been great been great to test with but I haven’t gone far with the platform in production. I agree with the other posters that a direct connect with node.js is pretty simple.

We have a “build once, publish everywhere” SAAS developer platform for Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Twitter (coming soon) and SMS: Our landing page is only in portuguese, but we are already working on an English version. Our API is built over LIME protocol ( If anyone wants to try it, we can commit to a one-to-one support on the first chatbot.

Microsoft’s Bot Framework is pretty much built for cross platform bot development - it lets you write the logic once across different platforms (Kik, Messenger, Skype, Telegram etc.)

You can use the Bot Framework APIs to send responses to the user (e.g. session.send in Nodejs will send a text response regardless of channel) - this is handy as sending text messages is common across all the bots and you don’t want to have to build the JSON objects for the different channels.

Alternatively, you can also configure what exactly you send back according to the different channels (e.g. If the message received was from Messenger channel, build the specific JSON schema for a template and send it back to Messenger). This would be useful if you want to send a template that is specific to the channel (e.g. Messenger receipt).

(N.B. I work at Microsoft)

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@adspiercy what do you mean it doesn’t play with messenger? v3.1 includes cards, carousels and action buttons e.t.c In my opinion it’s the most advanced and flexibled bot framework. I have used alot from,,,chatfuel,smooch,gushup e.t.c. I have finally settled on Microsoft Bot Framework.

@alyssaong Great to see you here, now i know who to direct questions to :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah my bad, as I stated in a previous post just starting out using it and as it wasn’t pushed in any of their docs (Messenger) then i just assumed. What is it they say about assuming? Makes an ass of u and me :sob:.

Further playing recently does indeed seem very cool.

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