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Any botmakers in Australia and NZ?

(atowfighnia) #1

I’d love to know if we have some botmakers from Australia and NZ? If yes, then it would be great to start to cultivating an ongoing discussion. Please feel free and DM me.

Cheers, Armin

(Jess Thoms) #2

Hi @atowfighnia! We are chatbot developers based in Queensland, Australia. Would be great to chat!

(arthur.shih) #3

Hey! my company has large amounts of developers in both Australia and NZ, doing some really interesting stuff in chatbots - is there a localised community like this there?

(Tariq Segal) #4

Just starting the journey but committed. Brisbane based.

(Jess Thoms) #5

Hey @arthur.shih no localised community I have seen yet! Would be interested in talking to you more about the bot space here :slight_smile:

(shaynenghiem) #6

Hi mate, I am from Sydney. Great to see a bot community in Australia and New Zealand

(arthur.shih) #7

heyt Jess - send me an email or DM and we can start chatting :slight_smile:

(arthur.shih) #8

cool! what kind of stuff are you doing?

(visakhvignesh) #9

Hi folks. My name is Visakh and I am a uni students from Brisbane. I go to UQ. Really interested to know what is happening in the bot space here in Brisbane. I reckon some sort of a meet-up is a good idea?

(paul broomfield) #10

Melbourne here, we’re building a bot for large client :slight_smile:

(Tariq Segal) #11

At the moment I’m just looking at platforms and data management options etc. Ultimately the goal is to make a bot that deals with a business or health issue. The issue is the problem space is not yet specific so the option space is too large. So far my main playground is the Microsoft Bot framework, an echo bot, and an Azure host but not really knowledgeable enough to know if this will be the best combination going forward.

(nigelburke) #12

Hi everyone,

Melbourne here as well. Wouldn’t call myself a botmaker by any means but have been playing around with

Would appreciate any feedback


(Cameron McGrane) #13

I’m in Anglesea outside of Melbourne. We develop a growing and busy chatbot and have paid clients. There are plenty of problems and strategic challenges to solve and it can be difficult with such a small team (co-founder and I).

Are you in a similar situation? Would anyone be interested in exploring a mastermind group? I’m still deciding whether a MG is right for me, but if there were others interested it could tip me over to commit.

(vnsavitri) #14

Hi Armin,

My team and I at are developing chatbots for commercial clients. We have our bots live for customers like the NSW Dept. of Education and the Australia Museum (internal only for now). We’re based in Sydney. Feel free to ping me if you keen to chat. :slight_smile: