Announcement: We have added two new categories "Design (UI/UX)" and "Jobs"

Hey botmakers!

It is incredible how quickly Chatbots News has become my favorite place to discuss chatbots. There already over 1,500 people who have joined our experiment of a community.

I haven’t administrated a forum like this for years, so I’m still learning the best ways to do it. I promise to get better and better at it :heart:

Today I have added two new categories to help us organize our conversations.

1. Jobs

This category is for anyone who is looking to hire for a chatbot project or company. This category will never be as good as a true job board, but if people are going to be creating topics like that here we might as well have a dedicated category :slight_smile:

2. Design UI/UX

I am anticipating that this will become my favorite place to hang out here. This category is dedicated to any discussions related to chatbot user experience. Should we use buttons or text? What’s the best way to on-board a new user to my chatbot? These are the types of topics that will be discussed here.

I can’t wait to see Chatbots News grow. I have some exciting plans for it that I know you are going to love.

Any questions?