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AI in the Music Industry

(george1) #1

Hi guys,

I’m doing a bit of research in AI in the music industry and trying to run a few test. Could you please respond with your preferred channel of consuming music. E.g. Spotify, YouTube, Beatport, Vinyl…



(Tim Balogh) #2

Spotify primarily, with YouTube once in a while.

(paul broomfield) #3

Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Beatport pro and Youtube red get my votes.

(Vik Kimyani) #4

Primary my own Synology NAS, secondary Amazon prime and YouTube.

(george1) #5

Thanks guys, great stuff!

(l.r.henrickson) #6

I second this! Free platforms with some pretty solid recommendation algorithms get my vote.

(denis.golovatiy) #7

Hi @george1, which kind of research do you do? I’m a big music fan (using Deezer, YouTube) and always were interested in tech. for music. not much seems to happen on the scene :slight_smile:

(george1) #8

I’m currently focusing on the electronic music space, and seeing how bots can help DJs, artists and music professionals build more personal and meaningful relationships with fans. This was a little test to see what channels people would respond with and how they wrote it. I was attempting to get an impression of how people would respond with 1 answer or more. What sorts of thing are you interested in specifically? Would love hear your thoughts and share a bit more about what we are doing. Drop me an email:

(marccanter) #9

strictly Spotify - that’s what I use. Spotify

(brian) #10

Spotify for record label stuff, Soundcloud for remixes/DJ sets, and websites like hotnewhiphop for downloading mixtapes. I would love to learn more about what you’re building as well. We’ve been working on a bot in the live music space for a while now, so would love to connect. I’ll shoot you an email :slight_smile:

(george1) #11

Nice one @brian really excited to hear what you’re up to as well!

(mincleland) #12

Spotify or Vinyl only.

  • Spotify to listen to latest and curate playlists. I typically listen on the go, or at work.
  • Vinyl to get the full album experience. Much better for older albums designed for vinyl. I obviously listen at home.
  • Note: I gave YouTube Music a go, because I wanted to see film clips again (something I’ve lost touch with completely). But didn’t last. Felt like another service I didn’t use.