After the foundation- BotCast 1.0, Its time for the next step BotCast 2.0 -Podcast series that captures 'Bots in real Action'. Getting ready for another interesting season,Interested in getting associated?

Working hard to demystify deep learning and Artificial Intelligence for real adopters in health, art, education and business through spoken and written words.

BotCast 1.0 (Foundation)

Chatbots - WHAT are they? How do they look like? and what can they do and are up to?

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“Bots are driving the paradigm shift and Botmakers like you all are building the Foundation”

BotCast 2.0 (Real Applications)
Chatbots - Where are they doing the action and changing the game for humans? What benefits the stakeholders are enjoying? and what challenges lay unsolved? Use-cases,Best practices, lessons learned, processes defined and stories in the making…

Looking forward---->

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A slightly better link to the BotCast 1.0 series is The link in Namrata’s post above is a search and returns unrelated things alongside it.

I imagine future sets can all be found from her Playlist page on SoundCloud:

Thanks a lot Carl. Link replaced.