Abandonment/Interaction Benchmark?

Trying to sell in a concept of a chatbot to upper management, and they wanted to know what the average interaction period was for bots. I’m curious if people could share what they’ve seen. For example users may abandon the bot after X days/weeks etc. or X interactions.



We’ve implemented analytics into our flows and interactions with mixpanel.
Every single bots numbers would be completely different, so I can’t say how our bot is doing would compare to your’s. However, we are tracking engagement and active engagements, when they come back to the site. We are testing individual notifications, and clicks on the notification campaigns that get users back into the bot.

I don’t know if this is helpful.

I also think it depends on the purpose of your bot, if it’s to augment a service agent then your metric is to keep the interaction time down, touch points low and customer satisfaction high. If however you are trying to engage for a brand then you probably want to engage longer or even use a different metric altogether such as repeat engagements over time, in that case the bot might need to initiate the conversation to keep them coming back (eg when a recording artist releases a new single, the bot could announce it)