A few doubts about Telegram bots - HTML5 / store, everything

Hey Guys,

My company has been on top of all this bot stuff for a while now and we’ve made a couple to be live soon.

One question I have though is how to be featured on Telegram Bot store, how to be ticked as an “official brand” like Gamee has done inside telegram with their HTML5 games.

We’ve been doing some games in HTML5 as well and I’d really like to get them on Telegram but don’t have a clue on where to start in regards of promoting them.

Any feedbacks?

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Hey @igenovesi

My company is pivoting from a chatbot game developer to a chatbot game publisher. We want to solve the very problems you are mentioning in this post! The gaming and entertainment space are being completely neglected but it’s a rapidly growing space! We’d love to work with you and help get your games on the messaging platforms.

We’d handle help by providing tooling, marketing, distribution and help you get your game (or games) on the front page of bot stores. It won’t be an easy task to do considering right now the platforms are being very selective about the bots they put up front.

Gamee is able to do it because they are a decent sized company with funding and the only ones really showing off games on the different platforms. Just like the early days of facebook gaming people are still trying to figure it all out but when they do it will get crowded fast!

Anyways, I sadly don’t have the answer to how you can get on the front page but I would most certainly like to help get your games on all the platforms, making money and becoming popular! If you are interested please message me so we can talk more :slight_smile: