1 ml subscribers. Host? Management? Advice?

I am building a bot for a celebrity that has 12 million people on Facebook and I would need some advice. She will get to couple of thousands if not hundred thousands in short time.

  1. What kind of host would I need for it? Can you recommend a plan and provider?

  2. Any recommendations on how I can charge her?

  3. Any recommendations on a dashboard I can give to her team to manage the bot? In terms of analytics and scheduling messages to send to subscribers?

hey Flavius

I would use a cloud “no-ops” provider (e.g. Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Service).
The great thing about Google Cloud Platform is that you can scale as you grow, and it’s pretty inexpensive. I personally use Google AppEngine (scalable web and app hosting), but you can also use Google Compute Engine (virtual machine).

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Google, although I used to :wink:

It’ll help if you share what kind of OS you’re intending to use, language, API, etc. etc.

Hope it helps